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Tenax Technologies at the GroundFloor

on Jul 3, 2014 in Press

The GroundFloor is pleased to welcome Tamera Rush and Tenax Technologies to the GroundFloor!


TENAX Technologies Brings New Opportunities to Harford County

POC: Tamera Rush, CEO


(May 7, 2014—Harford County, Md.)– TENAX Technologies, a woman-owned small business, announced today the launch of a new local startup.  The company will focus on providing superior, professional technical support to government customers. Initially, the concentration will be on affording the best qualified staff in the areas of information technology, systems engineering, chemical and biological defense, environmental consulting and communications.

As the budgets of federal government organizations continue to be tightened, more efficient technological processes must be developed. Only the most highly-skilled professionals can create these tools to ensure that efficiency is not forfeited. – “Better, faster, cheaper can be accomplished without sacrificing quality when you have the right people,” stated TENAX CEO, Tamera Rush.

“There are many technology companies supporting the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) market, but most of their headquarters aren’t physically located in Harford County,” added Rush. The TENAX office will initially be located at The GroundFloor at Harford. TENAX has chosen this location because it is invested in Harford County and the County offers a plethora of available resources to leverage.  Rush said, “We’ve already participated in seminars on small business startups, funding, and leveraged several agencies available such as Small Business Technology Development Center, Harford County Office of Economic Development, the GroundFloor, Harford Business Innovation Center, Harford Community College, NMTC, and others.  We’re very fortunate to be starting up in an area that is so supportive and receptive to new businesses.”

“We are pleased to have TENAX Technologies land their headquarters at the GroundFloor in Harford County.   Tamera Rush is a known business leader in our community who continues to be a major influence in the defense  arena and the community at large,” said Harford County Executive David R. Craig.

“We feel there is an opportunity in the government marketplace. We see an economically challenging climate and increased requirements for small businesses,” states Rush when reflecting on the vision she has for TENAX in Harford County. Companies offering solutions in various areas of technology are found throughout the country, but particularly in areas such as APG where government contracts are regularly available for bids. TENAX, however, intends to offer an approach to technology with primary consideration being given to the employee and his or her needs. TENAX has developed a more progressive style with a unique company culture in an effort to attract and retain quality employees. Rush adds, “Our strategy will focus on keeping overhead costs in check while providing à la carte benefits to employees with a goal of employee ownership.”

TENAX Technologies’ CEO, Tamera Rush, has lived in Harford County since 1997 and is well-versed in the dynamics of Federal government contracting at APG. She has served several prestigious companies as a manager and is quite familiar with the market. Rush has garnered numerous accolades from local, state, and federal agencies including Maryland’s Top 100 Women in 2012; the Athena Award in 2011; and the Hammer Award from VP Al Gore in 1998.